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Category: Lifestyle

Released: 7/19/12

Version: 1.0.4

Editor: dodgecandle

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Video Surveillance

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This application implements motion detection via your karotz.
As soon as a movement is detected, you will receive a notification on the email address you have specified.

This app has a free and a paid plan. With the free plan you get an alert email each time a motion is detected. With the paid subscription you will get access to a webpage where you will find the pictures taken by Karotz.

Soon we will develop notification via SMS and other push method for iPhone and Android smartphones!!!

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User's feedback (2)

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Gergely Fodor - 7/27/12

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Everything is fine, yet i give 4 star, becouse i can't turn off the LED.

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Bryan Lowe - 7/21/12

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kinda pointless without the subscription. And unless you speak French, subscribing is a bit of a challenge.

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