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Category: Lifestyle

Released: 7/8/11

Version: 1.8

Editor: Barry C

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Crunchy Chewy Gooey

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Crunchy? Chewy? or Gooey? This appz will tell you all about weird foods from around the world!

This appz has two modes. Speak mode and random mode. When the appz starts, it is in 'speak' mode. In this appz you goto my website ( On this page there is a list of foods (more to be added soon!). All you have to do in this mode is press his button once, pick a food name off the list, and say it to Karotz to hear some info on it!

There is also another mode: Random mode. To do this, move his left ear as you are looking at him from the front and move it 360 degrees. Then all you have to do is press his button once to hear about a random food on the list! Perfect if you are not at your computer! If you want to get back to 'speak' mode without ending the appz, all you have to do is move his left ear 360 degrees again. Simple!

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